ASPiRA Labs Lands Strategic Managed Care Coverage and Medicaid Licensure for OVA1®

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ASPiRA Labs, a Vermillion company (VRML), today announced it has entered into agreements with Joint Venture Hospital Laboratories, LLC (“JVHL”), QCA Health Plan of Arkansas, Inc. (d/b/a Qualchoice), Louisiana State Medicaid program, and Arizona State Medicaid Program to provide coverage for its in vitro diagnostic test, OVA1®.

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“We are pleased to expand the in-network coverage for OVA1 with the signing of these agreements,” said Fred Ferrara, Chief Operating Officer of Vermillion, Inc. “These agreements increase coverage in strategic geographic areas, and expand access to OVA1, the strongest performing Multi-Algorithm Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment test available today. ASPiRA Labs continues to secure additional key contracts at favorable rates for our technology.”

JVHL provides approximately 600 thousand BlueCare Network of Michigan members with access to OVA1 as an in-network benefit, while Qualchoice provides OVA1 access to more than 87 thousand lives in Arkansas.  Expanded Medicaid participation in key states accelerates OVA1 adoption.

Expanding managed care access and demonstrating the impact of OVA1 to each healthcare plan is the foundation of ASPiRA Labs' market adoption strategy. The evolution of payer relationships – from positive medical policy to in-network agreements – will be an ongoing theme in the future.  More than 97 million lives are contracted or have a positive policy determination for OVA1.

OVA1 studies have demonstrated a reduction in false negative results, indicating earlier and improved detection of ovarian cancer compared to the standard of care. Detecting ovarian cancer at an early stage leads to improved patient outcomes while reducing costs to the healthcare system. Links to multiple clinical studies showing OVA1 (MIA)'s strong performance over CA125 and ROMA with ovarian cancer can be found on our website.