Aspira Women’s Health Kicks Off Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by Further Establishing Itself as a Thought Leader in Ovarian Cancer

Signals Call to Action for Immediate Progress in Conquering Ovarian Cancer

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Austin, TX – September 9, 2021: Heralding the beginning of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Aspira Women’s Health, Inc (“Aspira”) (Nasdaq: AWH) will ring the closing bell at NASDAQ on Thursday, September 9, 2021 to signal a call to action for progress in ovarian cancer awareness, access to important risk assessment technology, and research. The closing bell ceremony will begin at approximately 3:45pm EDT. A livestream of the Nasdaq Closing Bell will be available at

Despite decades of research, ovarian cancer remains one of the most lethal of gynecological cancers.In the United States, it ranks as the fifth highest cause of cancer death in women, even though its incidence—1.3% of all new annual cancer cases—is relatively low. Unfortunately, the onset of ovarian cancer is usually quite insidious, with symptoms that mimic much less serious conditions, thereby earning it the unsettling nickname of “the cancer that whispers.”  It actually does NOT whisper as women often ignore or dismiss the bloating, back pain, appetite loss, vaginal bleeding, or urinary disturbances that can be the “alarm bell” that malignancy is present. In fact, many health care professionals exhibit the same response when alerted to these symptoms by women because they are so generic. The end result is that when ovarian cancer is finally detected in the majority of women, it has progressed to stage III or IV disease, when five-year survival rates can be as low as 27%.

Aspira Women’s Health Inc. has been increasing accesss for women to important risk assessment tools and building awareness of our company’s solutions and its brand thru new guidelines, direct to provider education at the local, regional and national level including participating in a congressional briefing in March 2021 regarding the need to fund diversity trials and support MCIT breakthrough technology at the FDA as well as a presentation given by Kaile Zagger, our Chief Operating Officer, at a FemTech Industry Landscape in July 2021 titled “Changing the story through transformation, A New Paradigm in Early Dectection of Ovarian Cancer.”

During the month of  September—Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month—we are bringing awareness to our solutions  and our mission to transform women’s health by participating in and sponsoring several events.

September 14-15 – Women’s Health Innovation Summit, Boston, MA,

  • The Women’s Health Innovation Summit is the sector’s leading platform committed to strengthening the network, tackling unmet needs and championing innovative approaches and solutions. Our focus is not only on female-only health challenges, but female-prevalent diseases and those conditions that affect or present differently in women.


  • Aspira’s President and CEO Valerie Palmieri, will be  a key note speaker, and will present  “Health Assurance: Access to Innovation in Women’s Health.”
    • Aspira’s Chief Scientific Officer, Lesley Northrop PhD, FACMG, DABMGG, will  participate in the panel  “Diversity in Research: Understanding Women’s Bodies.”

September 27- Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Congressional Briefing

  • Aspira will  lead a briefing to members of the US Congress on the current state of ovarian cancer as well as endometriosis, an irreversible debilitating disease. Several experts from organizations including the Black Women’s Health Imperiative, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and Pheonix Venture Partners, plus Valerie Palmieri, President and CEO, Elena Ratner, MD, Chief Global Medical Advisor, and Diane Powis, PhD, Chief Spokeswoman and ovarian cancer survivor.

“Aspira continues to make great strides towards goal of developing innovative testing options and bioanalytical solutions to significantly improve women’s healthcare, starting with ovarian cancer,” emphasizes Valerie Palmieri. “Participating in these events during Ovarian Cancer Month, coupled with the tools we are able to provide clinicians, will increase not only women’s overall awareness but health care providers’ awareness of this disease and the new opportunities for early detection.”