Aspira Women’s Health Announces Publication of Two OvaWatch Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts

 May 07, 2024 08:00 ET 

AUSTIN, Texas, May 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aspira Women’s Health Inc. (“Aspira” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: AWH), a bio-analytical based women’s health company focused on the development of gynecologic disease diagnostic tools, today announced the publication of two peer-reviewed manuscripts.

The first manuscript, entitled “Ovarian Cancer Surgical Consideration is Markedly Improved by the Neural Network Powered-MIA3G Multivariate Index Assay” was published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers of Medicine on May 2, 2024. The findings of this study demonstrate that use of OvaWatch® to stratify risk in patients with an adnexal mass might help to reduce surgical backlogs and unnecessary surgical referrals.

The second manuscript, entitled: “Neural Network-derived Multivariate Index Assay Demonstrates Effective Clinical Performance in Longitudinal Monitoring of Ovarian Cancer Risk” was published in the journal Gynecologic Oncology on May 3, 2024. The findings of this study demonstrate that OvaWatch could be an effective tool for the monitoring of ovarian cancer risk over time in women with indeterminate or low risk adnexal masses. Based on common practice for adnexal mass management and consistent with the study, OvaWatch can be drawn by the provider every three to six months for active surveillance of an adnexal mass.

“Today, we mark the publication of additional clinical data to support the use of OvaWatch for the assessment of ovarian cancer risk for women with an adnexal mass,” said Nicole Sandford, Chief Executive Officer of Aspira. “We believe these studies will help accelerate the adoption of OvaWatch for initial and ongoing monitoring of patients to provide an alternative to surgical intervention for lower risk cases. Clinicians have long sought a better tool to develop an appropriate care plan for these women, and OvaWatch provides it.”

“The publication of these manuscripts, along with last week’s announcement to make OvaWatch available for testing over time, is the latest example of Aspira keeping its promises to our stakeholders. We are well on our way to achieving our mission to improve outcomes for women with gynecologic diseases.”

The total addressable market for OvaSuite, the company’s portfolio of ovarian cancer risk assessment blood tests, is 2.0-3.0 million tests per year.

About Aspira Women’s Health Inc.
Aspira Women’s Health Inc. is dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of noninvasive, AI-powered tests to aid in the diagnosis of gynecologic diseases.

OvaWatch® and Ova1Plus® are offered to clinicians as OvaSuiteSM. Together, they provide the only comprehensive portfolio of blood tests to aid in the detection of ovarian cancer for the 1.2+ million American women diagnosed with an adnexal mass each year. OvaWatch provides a negative predictive value of 99% and is used to assess ovarian cancer risk for women where initial clinical assessment indicates the mass is indeterminate or benign, and thus surgery may be premature or unnecessary. Ova1Plus is a reflex process of two FDA-cleared tests, Ova1® and Overa®, to assess the risk of ovarian malignancy in women planned for surgery.

Our in-development test pipeline is designed to expand our ovarian cancer portfolio and addresses the tremendous need for noninvasive diagnostics for endometriosis, a debilitating disease that impacts millions of women worldwide. In ovarian cancer, our OvaMDxSM risk assessment is designed to combine microRNA and protein biomarkers with patient data to further enhance the sensitivity and specificity of our current tests. In endometriosis, EndoCheckSM is the first-ever noninvasive test designed to identify endometriomas, one of the most commonly occurring forms of endometriosis. The EndoMDxSM test is designed to combine microRNA and protein biomarkers with patient data to identify all endometriosis.

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