AUSTIN, Texas — August 8, 2019 — Vermillion, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRML), a bio-analytical based women’s health company focused on gynecologic disease, today reported its financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2019.

“We are very pleased by the continued positive momentum for OVA1Plus.  The growth in product volume and revenue are a reflection of their efficacy compared to the current standard of care in ovarian cancer risk management,” stated Valerie Palmieri, President and CEO of Vermillion. “We continue to focus on maximizing commercialization efforts and payer penetration to become the one and only choice for pelvic mass risk management.”

Recent Corporate Highlights 

Year over Year Results – Second Quarter 2019 versus Second Quarter 2018:

Year over Year Results – First Half 2019 versus First Half 2018

New Health Plan Contracts

Expanded preferred coverage of OVA1 ovarian cancer risk assessment test with the addition of two new health plan in network contract agreements.  BlueCross BlueShield of Texas and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona will now provide in network coverage to nearly 6 million additional lives.

Clinical Study Publications

June 2019Announced the acceptance and recent publication of the first of several studies demonstrating that OVA1 (Multivariate Index Assay, MIA) improves ovarian cancer detection in African American women.

Biomarkers in Cancer Publication – A study of 1029 patients; 853 Caucasian with 250 malignancies, and 153 African American with 24 malignancies. The study demonstrated that OVA1 demonstrated a sensitivity of 79.1%, compared to 54.5% with HE4 + CA125 (ROMA). Demonstrating a 45% improvement in sensitivity.

July 2019Advances in Therapy Publication – A study of 993 patients, comparing Overa™, Vermillion’s 2nd Generation multivariate index assay, vs ROMA vs CA125.  Overa™ had the highest performance in early stage ovarian cancer risk detection with 90.5 % sensitivity compared to ROMA at 76.2% sensitivity and CA125 at 63.1% sensitivity, based on ACOG guidance cutoff of 200 U/ml.

July 2019- Journal of Surgical Oncology- Accepted for publication. A study of 878 patients comparing current standard of care imaging tools (ultrasound and CT scan) compared to Overa™ and its ability to vastly improve the ovarian cancer risk assessment care pathway, when used in clinical workup for adnexal masses. 

July 2019– Abstract acceptance of our poster, Ovarian Malignancy Risk Stratification Using a Third-Generation Multivariate Index Assay, at the European Society of Gynecologic Oncology to be presented in November 2019.


Conference Call and Webcast

Vermillion’s President and CEO, Valerie Palmieri, will host a call today at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time to discuss results followed by a question and answer period.

Thursday, August 8th @ 4:30pm Eastern Time

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