Axia Women’s Health is one of the largest women’s health networks in the United States serving nearly half a million women a year

AUSTIN, Texas —January 5, 2022 — Aspira Women’s Health Inc. (Nasdaq: AWH), a bioanalytical-based women’s health company, announced today that it has entered into a commercial enterprise agreement with Axia Women’s Health, one of the nation’s largest and leading independent women’s healthcare groups.  Axia Women’s Health is an innovative and progressive community of more than 400 providers and 150 women’s health centers across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.  Axia Women’s Health providers offer services across the care continuum including obstetrics, gynecology, mammography, urogynecology, fertility, and other sub-specialties.

Under the five-year agreement, Axia Women’s Health providers will have the ability to conduct genetic testing in-house utilizing the proprietary Aspira Synergy Genetics platform. This will allow Axia Women’s Health providers to offer carrier screening services to the nearly half a million patients they serve. 

Aspira Synergy Genetics is a genetics-focused, novel technology transfer solution that offers custom Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) chemistry paired with proprietary cloud-based bioinformatics that were developed for the Aspira Synergy platform.  Clients can access individually customized, targeted, and comprehensive panels for expanded carrier screening and hereditary cancers which are both available on the same biochemistry and analytical pipeline.  The Aspira Synergy Genetics solution can generate these customized, high-quality clinical genetics reports for the laboratory, referring physicians, and patients.

“We are very excited to offer our groundbreaking global technology to Axia Women’s Health, one of the nation’s top women’s health networks.  The Aspira Synergy Genetics platform leverages novel biochemistry with a clinical-grade AI-based bioinformatics to provide genetics intelligence” said Valerie Palmieri, President and CEO of Aspira Women’s Health Inc.  “By providing proactive personalized risk assessment at the point of care, we are assisting providers to manage their patients and their families’ germline risks as early as possible.  Proactive risk detection is a core mission of our company.”

The Aspira Synergy platform, which consists of genetics and specialty testing solutions, is a decentralized platform that empowers physician groups, healthcare systems, and regional laboratories to offer specialized testing that may otherwise not be accessible.  The Aspira Synergy platform meets rigorous privacy standards, utilizes AI technology, and is highly scalable to accommodate the growing demand for clinical genetic and genomic testing as well as OVA1plusTM.  OVA1pluscombines the FDA-cleared products OVA1® and OVERA® for assessing ovarian cancer risk in women with pelvic masses.

“The science behind building the Aspira Synergy platform is to be universal to all of the Aspira Women’s Health assays, allowing our clients to offer our best clinical diagnostic testing services directly to their patients, meeting the standards and quality found in a high-quality specialty laboratory,” said Lesley E. Northrop, Ph.D., FACMG, Aspira Women’s Health’s Chief Scientific Officer.  Aspira Women’s Health is building a robust suite of gynecologic test solutions, including OVAWatchTM for ovarian cancer risk assessment and EndoCheckTM for endometriosis. 

Dr. Elizabeth Cherot, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Axia Women’s Health commented, “Our partnership with Aspira Women’s Health enables us to further our mission of providing more connected and more progressive care to the women in our community. We look forward to offering the convenience of this genetic testing to our patients, along with the guidance and support of our trusted providers, to help identify potential health risks and ultimately improve health outcomes.”

About Axia Women’s Health

Axia Women’s Health is leading the way in improving women’s health.   At the core of achieving this is a caring, connected, and progressive community of 400 providers across 150 women’s health centers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.  The rapidly growing network spans OB/GYN physicians, breast health centers, high-risk pregnancy centers, two laboratories, urogynecology, and fertility centers.  Together, Axia Women's Health puts women first by delivering the personalized care needed for women to lead healthier, happier lives.  Learn more at